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Clients Clients


Partners of Connected Services Business Unit at Peugeot Citroën DS
Support, strategic consulting, brand identity, UX/UI and design on the connected car project with Digital Airways, Z#bre, Prosodie.


Experience definition and value proposition to a new approach of vehicle rental. Application UX/UI and graphic design.


Partners in creating Phebe, vocal intelligent mobility companion. AI personality creation, use cases conception and dialogs writing.


Support and innovation laboratory at the national and regional levels. Digital conversion based on a Living Lab approach.

Pages Jaunes

Ergonomic reflection and development of the sales support app tool.


Partner of the festival, strategic and operational support in communications. Design and development of interactive digital experiences.


Support, advice and design for the creation and realization of mobile apps for the CNC.

Café des images

Living lab approach to support Le Café des images in its transformation. Ergonomic design and development of the website and the online magazine.


Support, design and development of Boing TV interface and CN Watch&play app in enhanced reality with its multimedia campaign.


Support, design and development of websites. Design & construction of an exhibition as part of the World Equestrian Games.

Pfizer Grey

Support and advice in the development of professional apps for sales support for laboratory franchises.

Laboratoire LFB

Strategic, ergonomic and graphic design and creation of the mobile app for patients with management of health data.

Crédit Agricole SA - Crédit Agricole IDF - Crédit Agricole Normandie

Brand platforms and strategic reflection including graphic identity design and annual support. Creation of web sites, mobile apps, sales support tools.


Strategy, design and development of the platform and mobile app dedicated to the British public.


Ergonomic and functional consideration for designing a multi-device platform for clients.

Normandy Region

Support, design and implementation of web sites. Design and implementation for the World Equestrian Games

Department of La Manche

Design, writing and directing the event film to promote the Tour de France 2016.

City of Caen

Strategic, ergonomic and graphic design for the redesign of the City's corporate web site.


Strategic support and development of the offer: positioning definition of the brand platform, identity and charter. Design and development of the social network with its presentation film and its communication plan: recruitment and image tools.


Strategic support : definition of the brand platform and identity. Design of online and offline communication tools.